Hessian Hill Livestock

Learn more about our Southdown Sheep, Shorthorn Beef Cattle, pigs and chickens. Questions about our livestock? Contact us!

Southdown Sheep

Mollie showing a Southdown Lamb
Lamb laying down under a lamp
Whether you’re looking for a lamb to add to your flock or a leg of lamb for Sunday dinner, our purebred Southdown sheep are for you.

Over the past 25 years we have developed a line of high quality, dependable Southdown ewes that have given class winning show sheep. Focusing on quality, and breed standards, our ewes have the traditional black nose and grey coloring on their face and legs and are moderately sized. Their docile nature makes them the perfect breed for a beginning 4-H or FFA member. With State Champions in our blood line, a breeding ewe or ram from Hessian Hill is sure to bring first-class lambs that will improve and expand your existing flock.

Our spring lambs are sold by custom order and are generally ready for processing in early fall. Orders can be placed by the specific cut of meat, or by half or whole increments. While the majority of sheep pasture feed on grass during the growing season, our market lambs are fed grain to assist in the growth process.

Interested in purchasing a Hessian Hill Lamb as a 4-H or FFA project or to expand your flock?

Shorthorn Beef Cattle

Our small herd of purebred Shorthorn beef cattle are raised for both meat and breeding purposes.
Deep red in coloring with white markings, our cows are flashy in the show ring and have a natural mothering instinct. This allows us to have a general hands-off approach when it comes to the calving process, intervening only when necessary. We are currently only selling steers for meat and bulls for breeding. Custom orders can be placed for a whole or half of a market steer. Because of our small herd size, we also work with a member of our extended family, who operates Double S farm in Delaware County.  If we don’t have a steer ready for market when you’re ready to buy, we will contact Double S to fill your request. Our beef cattle are pasture-raised, eating mostly grass and hay; however, to finish our steer for market, grain feeding is required.


Our Hessian Hill Raised Pork Is A Favorite Amongst Our Customers.

Every spring and fall, piglets start to grown on the farm. All of our pork is raised for meat to sell to our local community. While our pigs are fed grain, the majority of the feed they receive is old, non-salable vegetables and leftovers, also known as “slop,” coming from our farm and neighboring farms. For added “flavor,” they also receive a regular treat of “spent” brewers grain from Green Wolf Brewery.


Fresh local eggs and delicious fresh chicken are another Hessian Hill customer favorite.
 Our flock of laying hens provide our customers with delicious, locally produced eggs all year long. We also raise broiler chickens throughout the year, providing our customers with fresh chicken.