Southdown Sheep

Show-Quality Southdowns

Southdowns are a sweet, docile breed that tends to be easier to manage due to their relatively moderate size. As such, they make excellent 4-H and FFA project animals, and are a favorite among youth of all ages.

Southdowns have won many supreme championships over all breeds at shows across the United States. At the North American International Livestock Exposition held each year in Louisville, Kentucky, Southdowns have reigned “supreme” on four occasions! Likewise, at the last three Midwest Stud Ram Sales, Southdowns have been awarded Supreme Champion Ewe.

At Hessian Hill Farm, we have raised, bred, and shown, high-quality Southdown sheep for 25 years and we are confident our lambs will provide your family with a quality project or addition to your flock. If you are interested in purchasing a Southdown from us as a project animal or to improve the quality of your flock, please get in touch!
The Goblet family showing four Southdown lambs side by side

More about the Southdown Breed

While Southdown sheep originated in England in the southern “downs” of Essex, they are documented to have been brought to the colonies as early as 1640.  They are an economical breed, ideal for small acreage, and are an excellent carcass breed known for the unequaled tenderness and flavor of their meat. 

The Southdown is a medium to small sized breed with a gray to mouse-brown face and lower legs and is polled (hornless).  Southdown are an early maturing breed with good lambing ability and average milk production. The Southdown is adaptable to varied and wet climates.