Hessian Hill Farm

High-quality livestock, local meat products, canine services, training and events.

What we offer

High-Quality Livestock

We are proud to raise registered Southdown sheep, Shorthorn beef cattle, hogs, broiler chickens and laying hens at Hessian Hill Farm.

Hessian Hill Canines

Whether you are interested in attending a workshop at our Canine and Events Center or you are in need of boarding services, Hessian Hill can help.

Local meat + Products

At Hessian Hill Farm, we take pride in caring for our livestock, allowing us to provide you with high-quality, locally raised meat and eggs.

The Goblet Family

The Goblet Family is proud to own and operate Hessian Hill Farm, a fourth generation farm hidden in the hills of Schoharie County, with a passion for livestock, dogs and family.

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Do you have questions about our livestock, canine services, events, or products? Get in touch and we will get back to you shortly!

Hessian Hill Happenings

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