Our All-American Equine

Known as the All-American horse because of their versatility, the Morgan horses at Hessian Hill do it all. John and Fred are half brothers sired by the same stallion, and 20 years old.

John participates in events for jumping, dressage, driving, and equitation. Mr. Personality, John enjoys having a purpose: like completing a jumping course or giving a cart ride to farm visitors. Quite the opposite of his brother, the calm and dependable Fred is a perfect horse for children, ridden frequently by the youngest member of our family. Fred can be ridden for both western and English. He prefers the slow pace of a trail ride, but won’t object to giving you a ride in the cart.

Both horses are also used for beginner lessons and allowing people to feel more comfortable around them, upon request. If you’re interested in having horse rides or cart rides at a party, wedding, or other special event, both John and Fred are the perfect fit.