Join us September 22nd and 23rd 2018 for the International Dog Parkour weekend workshop here at Hessian Hill Farm. We are working together with Mockingbird Dog Training, and the International Dog Parkour Association to bring a fun exciting opportunity to our canine community.Dogs of all ages and breeds are welcome. The workshop will include a farm to table lunch on Saturday and Sunday, as well as a continental breakfast on Sunday morning.  There will also be a Saturday night bonfire to enjoy after working all day. For those bringing their dogs, we do offer on site boarding services.

Dog Parkour is a titling event but is non-competitive. It is a fun and challenging activity of dogs moving through, around, over and under obstacles they see everyday in their environment. Dog Parkour allows for a dog and their handler to play and build a healthy and positive relationship. To learn more specific information about dog parkour, visit the International Dog Parkour website,

The workshop on September 22nd and 23rd 2018 is for anyone who would like to learn more about dog parkour and to receiver instruction on how to teach the behaviors. This part of the workshop will run from 9 am to 3 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. An added instructors add -on is also available for those who would like to work toward becoming an approved IDPKA instructor. This portion of the weekend will continue from 3 pm will 4:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Auditing spots are available for a lower price. There are a limited number of working, instructor and auditing spots and preregistration is required. To register and pay for your spot visit today. Please contact Liz at (518)491-8267 with registration questions.

The workshop will take place both indoor and outdoors here at Hessian Hill Farm. Training is accomplished through positive reinforcement and follows the humane hierarchy of learning. all participants dogs must wear a harness that clips in the back and has a least 1 inch wide straps ( 3/4 inch straps for small dogs). Leashes should be 4- 6 feet long: no flexi leashes, and long lines are discouraged. Head halters, prong collars, electronic collars, chain collars and slip leads will not be allowed during this weekend.

With questions or concerns call Liz at (518)491-8267 or Cheryl Holt (607)244-0930.